Quirky Flirt

Manhattan, New York

Remember, it’s not about getting laid, it’s about getting loved.

Quirkyflirt.com is the brainchild of Joshua A. Quinn, former CEO and Founder of the number one dating site in the world. With headquarters around the world, Quirky Flirt is the Number One Employer, according to staff, financial reports, and community affiliates. Recognized for its innovative approach to matchmaking, Quirky Flirt brings happy endings and happily ever afters.

But all this is in jeopardy since Josh lost his wife, Rosalie, and their two daughters in a devastating plane crash three years ago. Unable to function, let alone remain at the helm of Quirky Flirt, Josh is given an ultimatum by his best friend and board president Derek Hendricks. Get help or get out.

That ultimatum leads Josh to Earth and Sky, a well-recommended healing retreat and last resort for children-and now adults-dealing with extreme trauma. His desire to live is rekindled by Earth and Sky camp photographer, Brooke. Josh soon learns that Brooke does more than take pictures. She’s also unofficially a medium who delivers messages from loved ones Beyond the Veil.

Want to find out what happens to Brooke and Josh, Derek, Jadyn, and the whole Earth and Sky crew?

Check out Book 1 of the Earth and Sky Series, recently released by Soul Mate Publishing, LOVE IN THE FOREST.

Quirkyflirt.com, Earth and Sky Resorts, Demilune, NY are all part of the world created by Janina Grey in the Earth and Sky Series recently published by Soul Mate Publishing (soulmatepublishing.com).

Book 1: LOVE IN THE FOREST (Released June, 2021)

Book 2: LIFE IS FOR LIVING (Release Date TBA)

Book 3: LOST IN YOUR RHYTHM (Release Date TBA)

Visit Janina Grey at www.janinagrey.com and learn more about her previous works, life, contests, Nurtured by Nature Designs and The Wild Scavenger Hunt.